Overview of GEO Products and Services

So you are thinking about starting a business? ….. Congratulations!

But before taking this bold step have you considered that almost 2 in 3 businesses that are started fail? The main reason for this is that those trying to start up and run their business do not have the internal attributes, ability, gifting and talent to make a success of their business.

GEO’s network of partners is focused on identifying, training, and equipping entrepreneurs globally. Our partners have trained 13,000 people in 20 countries to start business on cash flow, not debt. For those who started small businesses, over 70% of them were still in business after 5 years. As part of our global roll-out, we are in the process of placing all of our intellectual property online, in order to impact as many people as possible. Along with assessment tests and self-paced training modules, we offer one-on-one and group mentoring. Through our global connections, we are enabling a movement towards sustainable entrepreneurialism.

Please take a look at our wide-variety of business startup services. If you are unsure of where to begin, start with DBSP.

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Dynamic Business Startup Program (DBSP)
The Dynamic Business Start-Up Project (DBSP) was started in South Africa in 1996. It was started in response to the changing South Africa, especially in respect to the dismantling of the apartheid structures and to assist in rebuilding the country through the creation of jobs, through the promotion of entrepreneurship. Apartheid policy left the majority of South Africans generally poorly educated, with the prospects of finding gainful employment very low, especially for those of color. The DBSP was launched in response to this and as a way of assisting those within communities, who show a measure of entrepreneurial inclination, to start up businesses, thereby somewhat alleviating the sting of poverty and joblessness.
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Orange County Entrepreneur Pathways (OCEP)

The Orange County Entrepreneur Pathways project is a Business Incubator Collaborative Project. The area which we cover is Orange County/ Parts of Los Angeles County, California, USA. The key collaborators include: Cities Together, World Relief, Voice of the Refugees, Global Entrepreneurs Organization, Templo Calvario, and Hope Ventures. We envision a community of thriving, transformed entrepreneurs, both native and foreign-born, joyfully serving and impacting their communities for good.

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