Planning #17 => Responding to Competition and Problem Solving




Running a business is an endless road of problem-solving. Get used to it !!!…. But, take heart, here are some simple tips to help you:

  • #1: Break It Down – First and foremost, cut out all the noise and simplify things so you understand exactly what needs to be done to fix the problem. What is being asked of you? What will make your customers happy?
  • #2: Look Back – Problems tend to repeat themselves. Consider how this problem might be similar to something you’ve seen in the past. Try to recall a familiar experience and how you got through it.
  • #3: Ask your Team – Business is all about relationships, and many problems are people problems. Bring in your team and see if anyone with a relationship with your customer, or supplier can help. Ask your team if they’ve encountered similar situations in the past. Most often you’ll find a solution by bringing in a few more eyeballs.

Business Planning is Problem Solving