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Do you have the qualities and characteristics that will help you be successful in starting a new business? ….. GEO has tests you can take to find out about yourself.

Entrepreneurial Assessment (EA-US01-1005)20.00
Expanded Entrepreneurial Assessment (EIA-US02-1005)60.00

Business Planning:

The best reason for writing a business plan is to understand more about the business so that you, the entrepreneur, pick the right strategy and know what you are expecting. Then you should monitor your performance to know what you should change because you will have made mistakes and unless you correct them, you will fail. THAT WILL SAVE YOU LOTS OF MONEY!

*** BUNDLE - All Business Planning Modules *** English300.00
Planning #1 => Business Opportunities & Generating Ideas20.00
Planning #10 => How to Manage Your Business20.00
Planning #11 => Business Costs20.00
Planning #12 => Profits & Break Even Point20.00
Planning #13 => The Selling Price20.00
Planning #14 => Tracking Income and Expenses20.00
Planning #15 => Forms of Business Ownership20.00
Planning #16 => Protecting Your Business20.00
Planning #17 => Responding to Competition and Problem Solving20.00
Planning #18 => Business Plan20.00
Planning #2 => Observing Businesses Around You20.00
Planning #3 => Steps in Starting a Business & Different Forms of Business20.00
Planning #4 => How to Start a Business on $1020.00
Planning #5A => Marketing20.00
Planning #5B => Selling20.00
Planning #7 => SWOT Analysis20.00
Planning #8 => Critical Areas of Running a Business20.00
Planning #9 => Record Keeping and Management20.00