About YWAM Worcester

YWAM Worcester offers the Micro Business Start-Up Programme (MBS Programme) for those people who are entrepreneurially inclined. The programme is outcomes-based, very practical in nature, empowering and life-changing. The goal of the MBS is for each student to start up his/her own business and to run it in a sustainable, growth-producing manner. This is achieved by teaching functional knowledge that can be applied in a real-world way so that the students identify a business idea they can do, they fully research this idea, culminating in them drafting their own business plan for that idea. Whilst under tuition, they also make money by starting up a business activity and by running this activity so that they make ever increasing amounts of money. By so doing self-confidence is gained and the student has the opportunity of utilizing the theory they are learning in a meaningful, life-changing fashion.

A follow up and mentoring process kicks off directly after the training portion of any of the three DBSP programmes has come to an end and this lasts for a minimum period of 12 months. During this period each student is monitored and assisted so that they put what they have learnt directly into practice by starting up their business and positioning it for growth and sustainability.