About GEO North Africa

The current realities are very challenging for many people across Tunisia and the rest of North Africa. Poverty, lack of good jobs, political upheaval, and the breakdown of the family are all contributing to the current climate in this region. GEO North Africa believes that North Africans themselves are the solution to these problems.

Leaders Are the Key

GEO North Africa believes that entrepreneurs can become leaders who can help change their communities through business. They do so not only by providing jobs but also by becoming models of integrity and initiative for others.

The Reason

The goal of our project is to train entrepreneurs / leaders to start and operate their own small businesses. The entrepreneurs / leaders we train will become a key part of the solution to the many challenges that North Africans face. This is the reason GEO North Africa was founded.

GEO North Africa’s Mission

To train enterprising people who would like help starting their own small business using practical business training, skills, knowledge and a 1-year follow-up mentoring support service so that the students are successful in starting their own successful small businesses utilizing their own resources.

GEO North Africa’s Vision

To assist in community transformation across North Africa in partnership with local host organizations and government entities by training and empowering local people to start up sustainable businesses, using their own resources, thereby employing themselves and providing jobs for others in their communities.